What led me to this interview: Kyler Murray was the first person in history to be drafted in the first rounds of both the MLB and NFL drafts. He is the starting QB for the Arizona cardinals.  He won the Heisman in college along with an endless list of other athletic awards. 
My husband was the area scout with the A’s and so I had the opportunity to meet Kyler and his family in Oakland right after he was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in 2018.

I spent a couple of days with Kyler, his parents, and his older sister and brother.  I walked away from that weekend, thinking about what an incredible family the Murrays are.  I amazed at how their entire family handled the intense pressure of signing a professional baseball contract, the press, and all the attention.  Kyler, at the time, was a college student and while he had been in the spotlight for years, there is a different level of intensity when you leave your home town, sign a pro contract, sit at press conferences, go through physicals, review contracts, all while every single person around you is watching you so closely. People are watching Kyler’s siblings and parents as well.  What everyone saw was a cohesive family who was all there to help and support one another.  They were gracious, grateful, professional, happy, genuine and I had an absolute blast with them!
Our time together was something I thought back to often.  How does a mom raise three children who become adults that are so connected, supportive of one another?  I knew Missy Murray was a legendary Momma with lessons to share!  So when I started to make my dream list of mommas I wanted to speak with for the podcast, Missy was at the top of my list!  Missy shared the following great insights while we chatted on Who Is Your Momma!

The love that Missy has for her three kids oozes out of her every minute! She is the heart of her family and she has a close relationship with each of her children. There is so much love in the Murray family.

Missy said that the best part of her day was when she picked her kids up from school everyday. I found this to be sweet and as a mom with little kids, I know just how she felt!

Missy described her kids as the highlights of her life, which is a perfect way for this sports momma to describe her children. Sports brought this family together and so much of their lives involved sports. Hours spent at practices, games and training, but their family remained the most important thing for all of them.

Day in and day out, Missy, the matriarch, the heart of the family, made sure that her kids needs were met. She encourages parents to always be sure that their kids are emotionally and mentally okay. The close relationship Missy has with her kids today reflect how she was always tuned into her kids.

Missy’s final piece of advice was to be spiritual and to make spirituality an important part of your life. Missy is filled with love and gives so much unconditional love to her family!

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