Behind the Scenes:  Chalene Johnson @chalenejohnson first came into my life via workout DVDs!  I had just had my first child and Chalene offered me something in her DVDs that was exactly what I needed.  Over the years, I have seen her catapult into a stratosphere as very few entrepreneurs have before.  When you see someone like Chalene authentically show up and use her gifts for good it just makes you want to cheer for!  When I thought about amazing people who inspire me, I thought of Chalene.  Luckily, Chalene has generously shared her parents via social media and so I knew that Marge Melvin, Chalene’s mom was a blast, vibrant, and a wonderful momma!  I knew I needed to speak to her!

Marge provided one of the clearest messages to me during this podcast.  It seemed that no matter where our conversation went, we always came back to the importance Marge put on giving her children confidence.  If you look at Chalene Johnson, Jenelle Summers @jenellesummers & Bill Melvin, you will see confident adults who use their talents to empower other people.  It is obvious that was something they carried from home, how into the world! 

I found it so interesting that Marge and her husband of 53 years, encouraged entrepreneurship to their children because that was natural for them.  Today, all of their children run their own wildly successful businesses.  It’s a reminder to all parents that there is power in the conversations and experiences we give our children as we raise them.  Marge saw the same spark for entrepreneurship in her children and she fostered that as they grew.  

Marge is proud of her children today because they are happy!  She didn’t mention the 600,000 followers that Chalene has on Instagram, or the thriving businesses that both Jenelle and Bill have created.  She cares just about their happiness.  

Mission accomplished Marge!  You have raised wonderful people who bring goodness to others and thrive with confidence just as you had hoped for!  Marge is a legendary momma and I am grateful for the lessons I learned from her.

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