Most of the time when people start a podcast, they interview people who are excited to talk about the topic.  Usually, the person being interviewed hopes to gain more notoriety, more followers, more brand awareness.  That is not the case with Who Is Your Momma guests, and  I love that!   I love the conversations that I have with the mommas and me before the official interview. 

As I am writing this in April of 2020 no momma I have interviewed has ever been interviewed for a podcast before and none of them up to this point were angling to be on Who Is Your Momma or any other podcast!  I have been told by these mommas things like “I don’t know what I have to share,” or  “I can tell you what I did, but I didn’t know what I was doing,” or “I don’t know that I have anything special to say,” and then I start talking to these amazing women and am blown away!

Many guests have been nervous or unsure of what they have to share.  Then we chat a bit and I am sitting there drooling over all their wisdom and the initial, “why do you want to have me on a podcast,” fades away and they hear all the insight they have stored away for years.  Talking through what they did decades ago, it is like they see all they accomplished in a different light…they see it through my eyes (my listener’s eyes) – a parent in the thick of it who is striving, unsure, confused, but hopeful that the effort will matter.

Mommas are not used to being asked for interviews.  

Mommas are not used to being identified as momma experts.  

Mommas are not used to receiving praise for raising their kids.  

We can all agree that the mommas, especially the ones I have been honored to speak to, are the most deserving of praise and expert status, and should be sought after for interviews.  Who is more deserving?  Who has accomplished more?  

Seriously, what is harder than raising independent human beings from infancy to adulthood who become happy people?  I really do not know something that challenges every part of a person, in mind, body, and spirit with higher stakes.

The mommas I interview are not seeking the spotlight or asking for followers, but I hope it unlocks something in someone to see that expertise is earned and that expertise does not mean a lot of followers, but in the case of Who Is Your Momma expertise means a woman who has raised happy, fulfilled adults who contribute to the world! 

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