with Megan Reilly

Capture your or your loved one’s
memories, experiences, and legacy
with these one-on-one Legacy Interviews!

Megan with Family

A Little About the Legacy Interviews

Capture your or your loved one’s memories, experiences, and legacy with these one-on-one Legacy Interviews. Megan conducts a thoughtful, positive, and insightful hour-long interview with the guest and the result is an hour (or so) conversation uncovering family treasures. You and your family gets a video and audio link to cherish and pass on to generations.

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What a gift to have these conversations recorded to play and hear at anytime and for future generations to come. I can’t recommend doing legacy interviews with Megan enough. It’s been such a joy working with her and I feel so grateful to have these memories to be cherished forever.


Given our age Megan did a masterful job taking us back 50-60 years to memories and experiences we have not talked about for a very long time. She asked picturesque questions that made it easy for us to identify what she was looking for. It is not easy to work with older people and she has a gift of bringing out all the fun, teasing and love we share for one another by the way she responds and communicates. It was a wonderful experience and we are so grateful for the time we were able to share with her and the genuine interest she showed in our lives.

Walt & Karen

Not just anyone can create an experience like Megan did for my parents in her interview with them. They could not say enough about how natural it felt, how comfortable she made them feel and how because of her genuine interest in their lives and the way she asked her questions they felt like they could share anything and everything freely and in their own way. When I don’t have the luxury of hearing my parents voice each day, I look forward to turning on this recording and hearing their laughs, the way the teased each other and feeling how much they loved each other each day of their lives through their words. Thank you Megan for doing an incredible job of creating something that can keep my parents alive in us for years and years to come.


Having kids—the responsibility of rearing, good, kind, ethical, responsible human beings—is the biggest job anyone can embark on.

Maria Shriver
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