What led me to this interview: Drock is a well-known video creator who produces content for Gary Vaynerchuck and travels the world creating spectacular videos and images. I have been a fan of Drock (better known to his mom as David) since discovering Garyvee in May of 2018. Drock shares positivity, inspiration, and is a trailblazer in the world of video creation.

On occasion, Drock shares personal things and it was obvious that he has a close relationship with his family. His sister, Sarah Rock, is also a positive voice for people online I began to follow her and her journey as well. For me, this further piqued my interest in their family and specifically their mom! Seeing the drive and passion of these two siblings made me curious and so I reached out to Drock and Sarah (again via IG DM) and that gave me the green light to speak to their incredible momma! I’m pleased to introduce Deborah Rock!

Insights from Deborah Rock

Deborah Rock has had a unique path that will relate to so many people! She is the mother of four children. She raised her first two children as a single, young mother and there were 13 years between her first two children and third and fourth children. Her growth and change over those years resulted in one woman who raised her family with two very different approaches.

When she was a young single mother, Deborah, wanted her kids to be her best friends, gave them a great deal of freedom and she says she didn’t think much about discipline and just loved her kids. They enjoyed life, were very laid back as a family, and life was good.

So 13 years after having her first, Deborah has her third child and then has one more not too long after. She was married and was raising four children between 0 – 15 years. During the years of raising her four children, she has a turning point which really redirected her path and therefore her family’s path. Deborah began homeschooling her three youngest children.

Deborah adored her children and loved all the time she had with her kids. They went on adventures, volunteered, experimented with a variety of interests, and from the way Deborah described it, they really lived life to the fullest on their own terms. Still all along Deborah was leading with love.

At this point, Deborah knew that discipline was important. She studied the best ways to discipline children and had her kids sign a contract to encourage them to adhere to a certain set of guidelines for their family. Deborah, the young single mom had evolved into a more structured and still devoted mom.

What I found most interesting was the Deborah really had what seems like two different approaches to parenthood even within her own family, yet there were core pieces that never wavered…she wanted to raise kids with good character and she loved her kids deeply and unconditionally.

Deborah spoke often about how building character and talking about character with her kids was a driving force. Not only talking about it, but she put that into action as she took her kids to go volunteer with the elderly, they participated in war re-enactments nearby, she encouraged her children to start businesses and to basically, always try things that interested them.

While Deborah was with her kids so often she says if she could go back that she would hug and snuggle more with her kids…no matter what age! Deborah…I’m on this piece of advice for sure!

Her advice to parents was Love! Love! Love! That advice is obviously something that Deborah lived every day! She also, reminded parents that ‘this too shall pass’ and to not be too hard on yourself as a parent. Whew! Honestly, sometimes hearing that just takes some pressure off.

Deborah gave so much insight into how she raised exceptional children who today are thriving, content, happy, and bringing joy to the world! She lived life in her own way and in a way that was best for her family. That was a special lesson to learn and something I have taken with me after our conversation.

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