With a few days to spare before my FIRST interview, I found myself at Sam Ash music store in Dallas walking in, hoping that I would find someone who knew something about podcasting.  I was thrilled to find someone that knew podcasts and even used to have his own. Relief! 

So I proceed to spend the next hour with this man who walked me through everything with toddler level explanations just as I requested!  I said things like, “Wait, say that again, but let me record you doing it.” and “Tell me again what an XLR cable is?”  and “And that connects tooooo…????”

I was hanging on every word and yet still had abso-fing-lutely no idea what he was saying!  I mean, it was to the point that I started recording everything he showed me because I knew the minute I was out of the store I would be L-O-S-T!

The hour goes by and I leave with a microphone, some cords and a firmer belief of how little I knew about what he just said.  Perfect! 

So with only a couple of days before the interview, I needed to get everything set up and then I had to ask my mom to be my test subject.  Well, snag right away!  Things are not working right and I have no clue.  So obviously, the next step is to ask the kind gentleman from Sam Ash over to my house to literally walk me through everything.  Thank goodness he made a house call and saved my bacon!

I test things with my mom, late into the night the day before my interview with Elese Itzler.  I record in the tiny closet under the stairs, you know the kids play closet that is legit 3’ tall with teacups and dolls all over.  I discover a snag in this hole.  The fluorescent light buzzes and I can hear it on the mic.  So in addition to my homemade setup, I now have to turn off the main light.  I am starting to really look like the amateur that I am!  I unscrew the light, the test with my mom works.  It all seems good and I just have to remember all the connections, buttons, talk into the mic, look at levels, engage in the conversation, tape my questions to the wall so I don’t fumble with them and oh, of course, have a ball!

It’s game day!  My interview with Elese is in the morning after I drop off the girls at school.  I climb into my closet with my questions taped to the wall.  The extension cord coming through the door so I can power all the things.  I have pillows around me to help with the sound, I have my laptop on a dining room chair and the mic propped up on books.  I am sweating!  My pits are stinging!  I am so nervous and also so excited!  

I take a deep breath, call Elese on the phone and have the absolute best conversation with a thoughtful, sweet, loving momma!  I get off the phone and honestly, I fist pumped by myself at home.  I knew that if with this cluster of a set up it could feel this helpful, informative and insightful with my first wonderful guest then I might just have something here that could really serve parents!  

Also, I am no fool, the next 6 interviews were done in a local studio!  Easy breezy beautiful podcast pros!  Thank heavens for them!  Now with everything on lockdown, I have changed coarse again and wait until you see what my husband did for Who Is Your Momma Podcast!

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