The Backstory: I met Shelby Stanger the creator of Vitamin Joy podcast on BYLR RADIO and host of REI’s Wild Ideas Worth Living. She is a warm, brilliant, genuine person who immediately made a wonderful impression on me. I was so anxious to meet her mom and learn more. The more I learned about Dr. Louise Stanger, the more amazed I was! She is a legend in every way!

Dr. Louise Stanger’s Insight

This interview was like no other, because Dr. Stanger came to our conversation with extensive education in human sciences, specifically behavior, addiction, family and parenting. We were able to discuss the methods that Dr. Stanger used for her own family and then also dive into the methods that Dr. Stanger has learned through her years of education.

Dr. Louise Stanger is a scholar, a leader, a speaker and author, an expert, but her greatest role is as mom!  Dr. Stanger raised three daughters who are all remarkable entrepreneurs today.  Their family has experienced terrible tragedy through the loss of their infant son, Eric, and the sudden death of their father, Alan from a heart attack.

Through the tragedy, Louise Stanger continued to re-invent herself, found support, and raised her daughters to be resilient and true to themselves.  Dr. Stanger’s ability to parent through tragedy and raise her children to find fulfillment in their life is a beautiful example of motherhood.  

It was a joy to gather Dr. Stanger’s insight as an expert, but also has a legendary momma who has walked in our shoes.  

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