Backstory: Brain Walker & Kevin Walker are both unbelievable achievers and friends of mine. I met the both Kevin and Brian through BYLR Radio and I know right away they were incredible special people.  

Brian has two master’s degrees, he taught special education for several years and today he is an assistant principal in a middle school in New York.  Brian is happily married and has two sons and if that isn’t enough he recently started a podcast with his brother Kevin called Live SOTE. 
Kevin Walker is Director of Media Productions for Jesse Itzler.  Kevin has his masters degree and was headed into the family business of education, but through an incredible set of circumstances totally created by Kevin’s own will and passion, he has found himself and the epicenter of an outstanding company, BYLR, with a pivotal role in the growth and wellness of Jesse Itzler’s brand.  Kevin is happily married and has a baby on the way!  As I mentioned Kevin and Brian started a podcast, Live SOTE together, and every week they highlight a hero who is “Salt of the earth”.  Their show is inspiring and remarkable and the fact that this brother duo wanted to create this together in their 30s, says a lot about their relationship, their family life, and their values. 

Joanne Walker raised two sons, she worked, she has always been a rock to her friends and family and today she reflects with us about her journey. 
Joanne’s son Kevin Walker helps hundreds of thousands of people through his work at BYLR.  His giving spirit and tenacious work ethic were fostered by his upbringing.  Kevin’s older brother Brian Walker serves thousands of families in new york as an assistant principal and through his work, he too gives selflessly every day and helps students and families thrive.

Joanne’s strong marriage and foundation at home set the stage for her two sons to grow up to be world changers. 

She mentioned how as a parent it is our job to lay the foundation for the kids but then at a certain time you have to let the kids fly and hope the foundation serves them well.  It is a powerful reminder for anyone who is trying to enable someone to thrive…setting the foundation is key, but so is letting the child fly!  Because Joanne let her son’s flyer the world is a better place. 
She also mentioned the importance of the village, especially for working parents.  We cannot do it all and 30 years ago it was the same thing.  Finding her village was important and valuable to Joanne and it is a great reminder to us that getting help from friends and family is a great way to go through life! 
Joanne Walker is all heart and raised exceptional people who bring so much goodness into our world!  

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