Behind the Scenes: Colin O’Brady is someone that everyone needs to learn about. That is how this all started. I love following exceptional people on social media and so I have followed Colin for some time. When I started the podcast, I had Colin on my list of people who must have amazing mommas.
Fast forward to the release of Colin’s INCREDIBLE BOOK The Impossible First (get the audiobook and enjoy – seriously inspiring and entertaining). In his book, he speaks clearly multiple times about the role his mom has played in his life. We are not talking about nice conversations over dinner, no no no. We are talking about pulling your kiddo up and out of the darkest of places and help him thrive! Eileen did this very thing.
The stories in the book moved me so much that I started my pursuit of Eileen! I was thrilled to speak with her and let me tell you…she delivered!

Her Insights

Eileen raised Caitlin and Colin and is the stepmom to Sadie and Casey. She started off our interview sharing how she sees kids like seeds who need water and the right food to blossom. I loved that visual!

She went on to share how she wanted her kids exposed to many different things so that they could then get excited about whatever they loved most. She wanted her kids to be happy and independent. She said “Give kids a chance to be independent,” which I found fascinating because her son went on to cross Antarctica unassisted so I would say it is safe to say she raised independent children.

Eileen reframed how her kids saw challenges and goals. She wanted her kids to see them as good and not something to avoid. A quick tangible tip from Eileen is to say “You did it!” instead of “Good job!” – the difference is subtle but the message is totally different.

Colin experience a terrifying accident which landed him in the hospital for months. To hear Eileen’s experience during this time was enthralling. She truly did everything in her power to help her son see light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is Eileen at Colin’s bedside after his terrible accident

Her advice to parents is to appreciate the power of paying attention to your kids. She also expressed the importance of rituals in the family, whether that is dinnertime conversations or activities.

This episode is a must-listen! Eileen raised an awe-inspiring family and she did so with love, warmth, encouragement, and lots of joy!

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