What led me to this interview: I was talking to my friend about my podcast and she said, “Megan, you need to talk to a mom of an only child because there is so little out there for moms like me!”   It had never occurred to me all the nuances that exist for 1 child families.  So I thought about it and I knew I had the perfect guest, Chris Butterfield’s mom.  Chris married one of my best friends about 15 years ago.  Chris and my husband Chris hit it off immediately and that always indicates good things.  Over the years, I have seen Chris serve the community I grew up in as a law enforcement officer and I have seen him selflessly serve everyone he comes in contact with.  He is an incredible father and devoted husband and he is disciplined and full of integrity and he is also one of the funniest people I know.  He is an only child, raised by a single mother and his momma Mari, could not have done it any better!  Here are the lessons I learned from Mari Butterfield on Who Is Your Momma!

Raising an only child and as a single mom presents unbelievable challenges. Add in moving around, going to school & an uninvolved dad and it gets much more challenging. Mari Butterfield is here to tell you, that all those circumstances do not dictate how well you raise your child(ren). What matters is how much you love them!

Mari was a devoted momma from the start. She said, “When Chris talked, my world stopped.” Mari loved Chris so much and she always wanted to protect her son.

Mari’s family was very instrumental in their lives which helped Mari navigate life as a single mom.

Mari described how she and Chris talked about everything and how grown up Chris behaved even as a young person. Mari and Chris were tight!

I asked Mari if Chris ever asked for siblings or if he felt sad for not having siblings and she responded that no, he never complained about not having siblings. He was independent, he was loved and he was a happy child.

When we spoke about Chris’ biological father who was not involved in Chris’ life, Mari said she was mindful to never talk poorly about Chris’ dad. Mari had plenty of negative experiences with Chris’ dad, but she knew that speaking badly about Chris’ dad wouldn’t do anything good, healthy or productive for Chris so she never did.

Mari’s advice to parents is to relax more and love your kids! I took this advice to heart and going forward I will remember to take a breath and relax with my kids.

Mari is a legendary momma and it was a pleasure to learn from her on Who Is Your Momma!

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