Jeanne Kurtz raised five children, her son Chris Kurtz is the creator of the popular brand, Do Good. Be Kind. and after speaking with Jeanne it was easy to understand how her children grew up to be giving and thoughtful people.

Jeanne’s youngest daughter, Laurie, lives at home and has down syndrome. During our conversation Jeanne shared how impactful their community was and is in Laurie’s life. It was eye-opening at how valuable a community and friends could be when a family experiences challenges.

Jeanne and her husband, Darold, of 51 years had to do the unthinkable as parents. Their daughter Jodi passed away at the age of 38 after living with Type 1 Diabetes. They cared for Jodi, helped her friends understand her disease when she was a child and have been incredible parents.

Meanwhile, Jeanne raised her other three children, Jennifer, Chris & Tiffany to grow up to find fulfillment in their professional life, raise happy children themselves and their entire family remains close. I was in awe of Jeanne.

Jeanne discussed the value of their community throughout their life. She also shared how she believe children should have time to be bored so they could be creative and have time to think.

Chris, was very involved in scouts and Jeanne mentioned after our conversation how valuable that time was for him and his development. It was fascinating to hear how so much of who Chris Kurtz is today as a leading entrepreneur began as a child and because of how he was raised.

Jeanne is a legendary momma and has so much knowledge to share.

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