Backstory: I grew up knowing the Detrich family. They were a well-known family in our city and were well-loved. I went to high school with the two Detrich daughters, Jane & Lo. I knew Jane to be involved in everything, incredibly smart, and the go-to person if you wanted to get things done. I knew Lo as a charismatic, jokester who made people happy just by being in her presence.
Their family was close and we were all aware of the challenge their family lived with, cystic fibrosis. While they had the support of our community, they were fighting this battle in their own way every single day. They knew all along that Lo’s days were numbered and the way they continue to live their lives and help and inspire others continues to inspire me today.

During our interview Terry shares how busy life was as they managed Lo’s CF. It was around the clock for Terry to raise her family and manage the ferocious disease.

Terry found support from her mom who would encourage her on the hardest of days by saying, “Never give up on your kids. It will be okay.” While Terry never would have given up on her kids, there is still something so profound about a mother’s support and encouragement. Terry made it clear how helpful her mom’s support was.

Terry is so proud of her kids and she oozes with admiration for them. Jane, her first child, is a physician and takes care of COVID patients every single day. Terry shares how raising Jane was not always easy. Jane was strong-willed and incredibly smart which is a wonderful combo, but can create challenges for parents. Terry gave her daughter the space to be herself and understand her potential. Today, Terry and Jane talk everyday and have a wonderful relationship.

Terry spoke often about her husband Don and how important their strong marriage was to navigating their life. While Don and Terry are very different they supported each other and were fully dedicated to their family. Today, they enjoy golfing together and could not be more proud of their wonderful daughters!

Terry is a legendary momma with so much insight to offer!

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