Jessica VanDeWeile is raising three young adults with her husband Stuart. Their oldest is in college and her two younger children are seniors.

Jess has raised her kids to be accountable and follow the rules of their family. She has also tried very hard to be sure she is giving equal attention to all three of her children. Most parents can relate to this challenge, but it is a but different for Jessica.

Jessica’s son, Nick, has been diagnosed with a rare disease at the age of 15. The diagnosis means that Nick will not live on his own and while it is not the expected plan ahead, Jess’ strength and attitude are positive and hopeful.

Jess has been so dedicated to her children and specifically with Nick she has spent much of her time helping him navigate school. He couldn’t get school work completed at school and so he would come home and Jess would sit side by side with him until it was complete. Jess put Nick and his growth and development first.

While Jess is navigating life raising a child with special needs, she is also making sure to pour time and attention into her two other children. It is a challenging balance for parents with typical children as Jess put it, but it is even more of a task for Jess. During our conversation, it was evident, that the dedication and love Jess gives each of her children is balanced and thoughtful.

Jessica is a legendary momma, raising her three children with love and expectations and they are all thriving. It is plain to see that Jess is a strong mom raising wonderful people!

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