This all exists because of her.  My momma, Sallie Lowery, has been the most wonderful to me and my two sisters.  Truly, this has all been created as a result of me seeing the power of an amazing momma in my own life.

As a kid, I didn’t fully grasp that my momma was amazing.  I loved her and I knew she loved me and my sisters and my dad, but I never fully understood how sensational my own mom was until I had my own children.  Honestly, that makes me kind of sad that it took me 29 years to figure it out, hopefully, a whole podcast based on my admiration for her will get her to give me a break!!

The minute you become a parent everything shifts.  Your own wants & needs become a distant second to your children’s wants and needs.  When it happened to me, in November of 2012, it hit me like a ton of bricks just how much my mom loved me.  I loved these little 7 pounds of Harper and I barely knew her.  It struck me about 48 hours, 15 diapers and 20 feedings into parenthood just how much my mom loves me…it only took me 29 years and 9 months to fully appreciate it.

Then the sleepless nights, questions, concerns, dreams, and hopes set in and I wanted to know everything my mom experienced.  Did she feel inadequate as a new mom?  Did she feel clueless like me?  How did she and my dad handle this?  Then the years rolled on and I wondered if she did playdates?  How did she handle friends who parented differently?  Did she worry about school grades? 

Fast forward, to when we had a 5, 3 & 1-year-old and I start to consider what type of podcast I could proudly present.  I think to myself, what do I know?  Well, I know I love my husband.  I love my kids.  I love my parents, sisters & family.  I love my work.  I am not an “expert” in anything.  I love learning.  There is something there, but what?  

I have many conversations with my best friend, Jen McElroy, about what I could confidently present in a podcast that would bring huge value to people kind enough to listen.  A podcast was on my mind for a while, before it hit me. 

I want to be a great parent so badly and feel like the best advice comes from my mom, not google, not my friends…my mom!  I know who she raised, how her children feel about her, and how her children have coped in the world…she has something figured out.  

Then I started thinking about the greatest traits parents could wish for their kids.  I hope to raise someone with Sara Blakley’s determination, Bill Gates’ ingenuity, Jessica Spencer-Gardner’s passion, Jesse Itzler’s zest for life, David Rock’s dedication & Kerri Walsh’s grit. Hmmm…

Of course, I want to talk to those people, but do they really know their own full story?  Do they fully know how they got where they are today?  As a mom myself, I knew the answer was NOPE!  They don’t remember what it was like when they were 7.  They don’t remember the days they rolled their eyes and stomped off to their room.  They don’t remember the fun family days at the lake.  And maybe most importantly, they probably don’t know much about how their mom felt as they were raising them.  That’s what I wanted to know!  

Did Katie Parker’s mom do something different than all the other moms to raise an incredible photographer who changes the world through her photos?  Did Jay Williams’ mom push him hardcore into sports?  Was Jesse Itzler’s mom a high energy, endurance athlete who wanted her son to follow in her footsteps?  How did these genuinely amazing, strong, happy, and driven people become who they are today?  Who is asking these moms these questions?

I looked it up… was anyone seeking out the answers of how to raise an amazing human being based on results – not just theory? Shockingly the answer was no and so I knew I was in the right spot!

I am a momma.  My friends are mommas.  I love my momma.  Many mommas sculpt their children to be who they are today.  I love mommas. Mommas.  They have the inside track.  Who Is Your Momma?

One last question for my mom…who is your favorite kid now?!!!! 😉

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